Discover a thousand -year -old statues of Buddha from ancient Chinese market

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Discover a thousand -year -old statues of Buddha from ancient Chinese market

Buddha Statues discovered , China

More than 680 Buddha sculptures and pagoda sculptures have been discovered from an ancient bazaar ruins in the northwestern province of Shanshi, China.

The sculptures have been discovered in a pit in the ruins of the "East Bazaar", an important trading center belonging to the Tang family's rule (618 to 907).

Han Jian Hua, who belongs to the Institute of Archeology under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that Buddha statues are made of clay, ceramic and stone and most of them are suffering from breakdown, adding that they are better protected. For further research, he has been packed and moved elsewhere.

Many Buddha sculptures are decorated with colorful paintings and gold elements, which was a unique style of Buddhist art during the Tang family. Based on the speculation of the state, the statues are from a Buddhist hall or a shop warehouse on the road. Can

Archaeologists have found a number of cultural artifacts of the Tang family, including "three -colored cups" in the ruins of the Eastern Bazaar, as well as the foundations of drainage pits and houses.

The ruins of the market were discovered in the late 1950s. More than 1 thousand meters long and more than 924 meters wide, the site extends to an area of ​​about one square kilometer.

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