FBI director raises national security concerns about TikTok

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FBI director raises national security concerns about TikTok

Director FBI

FBI director Chris Ray Tuck is raising national security concerns about 
TikTok, warning Friday that the popular video sharing app is in control of the Chinese government "which our values Don't share. "

Wray said FBI is concerned that the Chinese have the ability to control the app's recommended algorithm, "which allows them to manipulate content, and if they want to influence it. Can use. " He also stressed that China could use the app to collect its customers' data, which could be used for traditional espionage operations.

"All these things are in the hands of a government that does not share our values, and it has a mission that is much more contradictory to the best interests of the United States. We should worry about it," Ray said. He told an audience at the University's Gerald R.ford School of Public Policy.

These concerns are the same as they raised during a hearing in Congress last month when the issue came to light. And they are being voiced during the ongoing dialogue in Washington.

Concerned about China's influence on 
TikTok, the Trump administration threatened to ban the app inside the United States in 2020 and pressured byte dance to sell TikTok to a US company. US officials and companies are now negotiating a potential deal that will address US security concerns, a process that WRAY said is taking place in US government agencies.

"As Director Wray has said earlier, FBI's input is being considered part of our ongoing talks with the US government," 
TikTok spokesman Brook Uber Water said in an email statement. "Although we can't comment on the details of these secret conversations, we believe we are on the path to fully fulfil all the reasonable concerns of US national security and we have already implemented these solutions Make important progress. "

TikTok is owned by danced dance based in Beijing. TikTok's statement said Friday that Byteedance is a private company and that "TikTok Inc., which offers TikTok service in the United States, is an American company that is bound by US laws."

At a Senate hearing in September, Vanessa Papas, the chief operating officer of Taktak, said in response to questions from members of both parties, saying that the company protects all US consumer data and access to Chinese government officials. Does not get

"We'll never share the data, the duration," Papas said.
Source :  AP News Agency

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