Unprecedented hot heat is being seen in Europe

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Unprecedented hot heat is being seen in Europe


Unprecedented hot heat is being seen in Europe in January and new record temperatures are being set up throughout the continent.

Belarus, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Poland saw their hottest day in January.
In Veskaji, the temperature of Berlros reached 16.4 degrees Celsius. It defeated the country's highest temperature by 4.5C in the country's highest temperature.

Temperatures reached 19 degrees Celsius in Corblo village in Poland. In January, the average temperature is 1C. Javorník, the temperature in the Czech Republic was 16.6C higher than normal, at 19.6C instead of the usual 3C average of the year.

Meanwhile, Denmark saw a temperature of 12.6 degrees Celsius, 11.1C in Latvia, 14.6 centigrade in Lithuania, and 16.9C in the Netherlands.

Speaking to the weather expert, Independent Maximiliano Herrara, who operates high temperature and Twitter account @extremetempps, said: "How about power and area and record breaks, it can be termed as an extremely intense heat wave. There is ever seen in Europe (in term of irregularities). It is without the length of equality.

This means that although it has been far from the hottest Europe so far, the difference between the average temperature of the year and what is being recorded at the moment is far greater than the one that has never before been seen.

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