'False press conference lies in the name of truth and half the truth is spoken' :Imran Khan

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'False press conference lies in the name of truth and half the truth is spoken' :Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has termed the press conference of DGISPR and DGISI as' stupid ', saying' at this press conference in the name of truth. The lies and half the truth were spoken ', which were presented out of context.

Imran Khan spoke in an exclusive interview with the BBC after the start of the long march on Friday night, in which he openly discussed several issues.

It may be recalled that Lt. Gen. Nadeem Anjum, the head of Pakistan's intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), claimed at a recent press conference that former Prime Minister Imran Khan was indefinitely in March this year to army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa indefinitely. The extension of the period was offered, which was not accepted.

Responding to the BBC's question on this claim, Imran Khan said, "This is what he made a press conference in the name of truth, there are so many lies and half are true."

'The context is taking things away that we offered the extension, saying, which side was the offer? In which context (context) was talking? If the whole thing is, it will be a shame for them all. '

Imran Khan said, "This is very regrettable because the ISI chief never does such a press conference. I can answer the point bypoint that can make the army a great embarrassment. '

"But we do not want our army's institution to be harmed because our enemies want the army to be weak and Pakistan will be weak."

'Where it will do good things, we will appreciate'
When Imran Khan cited the DGISI statement, 'If your chief is a traitor, then why did you praise him and meet him in the darkness of the night', then Imran Khan replied that "Where they do good things, we will appreciate."

'It is a matter of children that if we praised you, you are always good. You also appreciate your children, but when you do bad things, you criticize. It was actually a very stupid press conference. '

On the question of relations with the Establishment and the future, the PTI chairman said, "I do not want to come to the government because of the approval of the establishment." No one was known by us for the 2018 election. '

He said his purpose was a transparent election in the country.

'That's why we wanted to bring an EVM machine to eliminate 130 of the 160 ways of fraud. The two major political parties did not allow it to come, nor did the Election Commissioner take orders from somewhere else, which will always be controversial and there will be opportunities for interference. ”

'Action should be taken on the allegations of Azam Swati'
Talking about another recent controversy, Senator Azam Swati alleged that he was tortured by two ISI officials, Imran Khan said, "We are telling General Bajwa that you have Bilawal." At the behest of a sector in -charge, in Karachi, then take action on what Azam Swati has said. '

It is to be noted that after Imran Khan's press conference, two ISI officers had named Major General Faisal Naseer and Brigadier Fahim responsible for the violence against Azam Swati.

However, Federal Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah denied the allegations of Prime Minister Swati and Imran Khan yesterday and addressed a press conference with FI personnel, saying that Prime Minister Swati was taken into custody by the federal investigative agency's cybercrime wing personnel. They were not handed over to any other institution.

Imran Khan told the BBC, "We want to take action on it." General Bajwa should take action if he wants to protract the image of the Army organization. '

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