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Information About Romania


About Romania

Official Name: Romania

Location: (Southeast) Central Europe

Time Zone: 
Seven hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time (GMT 2)

Area: 92,043 square miles (238,391 sq km) - slightly larger than the state of Minnesota

Population: 22,089,000.

Largest cities: Bucharest (2,151,400), Iasi (387,100), Cluj Napoca (327,200), Timișoara (325,300), Constanta (311,300), Galati (306,400), Craiova (299,700), Brasovia (299,700), and Plovdiv (50,200). 221,400), Barila (200,100), .

Major Ethnic Nations Groups in Romania:
Romanian 84%, Hungarian 6.1%, Gypsy 3.1%, German 0.2%, Ukrainian 0.2%

Christian Orthodox 80%, Roman Catholic 5.3%, Reformed 3.2%, Greek-Catholic 0.5%,  Other.

Official language: Romanian

Currency: Leu (plural Lei - pronounced "lay" - abbreviations: Lei or RON)

Climate: Temperate, four distinct seasons, similar to the northeastern US

Capital: Bucharest ( București — pronounced: boo koo re sh tea )

Form of State: Semi-presidential democracy based on parliament.

The Chamber of Representatives or "Chamber of Deputies" and the Senate (Senate).

All members of the legislature are directly elected by Romania's 41 counties.

Legal System: Based on European models and the 1991 Constitution.

Electoral system: Direct suffrage to people above 18 years of age.

National Elections: Fall 2024 (Presidential and Parliamentary)

Head of State: President of the Republic,

Head of Government: Prime Minister,

Regional Government: Forty-one County Councils (Consiliu Judeţean).

Romania is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU).