Why is India selling arms to Armenia?

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Why is India selling arms to Armenia?

India will sell arms worth Rs 2000 crore to Armenia. In 2020, Armenia fought with his neighboring country Azerbaijan, but tensions between the two have increased once again. Therefore, this contract with India is very important for Armenia.

According to Indian Defense Ministry s

ources, India will first provide a multi -barrel rocket launcher to Armenia under this deal of Rs 2000 crore. This multi -barrel rocket launcher system has been developed by the Indian defense agency DRDO and India has already deployed it on the border of China and Pakistan. This is Panaka's first international order.

Group of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan

Azerbaijan is being seen as an emerging ally of Pakistan and Turkey. Azerbaijan used a drone from Turkey to do heavy damage to the war against Armenia. Now Azerbaijan wants to buy Chinese -made JF17 fighter aircraft from Pakistan.

Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan signed a trilateral agreement in 2017, which founded security cooperation between the three. It also spoke about advancing the already ongoing defense agreements between the three.

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