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Microsoft Introduced Windows 11 with Android Apps Support

Windows 11 has been announced after several weeks of leak news and teaser. In Windows 11, Microsoft has made a number of important changes in all respects۔ As seen in terms of design, Microsoft has moved the Stuart button down to the bottom left to the bottom۔This one change is that Windows 11 looks like Mac OS and Chrome OS۔Microsoft has also changed the stile of the Stuart menu.

The Windows 8-Ale Tiles design is removed in Windows 11. Now the Stuart menu will see users at the top search bar and will have icons for user pin apps below and links to the proposed files۔Files suggestions in the Stuart menu will not be for a computer only. It will also be a C on all user devices such as phones and other computers.

The Stuart menu in Windows 11 is similar to the app launcher used in Mobile. Snap boots presented in Windows 11 (Snap Layouts) Users can better use the Windows interface from the feature and take their will from the existing layouts Can also select Out.

Microsoft has also made some changes to Windows Store, which are due to appear in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Users can now install apps from browsers۔For this, the browser will allow users to quickly install apps while acting as a mini version store۔ Microsoft wants to increase the chances of earning from its stores for developers۔ Microsoft says it is allowing developers to add their commerce to the store and keep 100% of their arrival on their own.

Microsoft will not keep anything from this arrival۔ In addition, developers can use Microsoft Commerce if they want, with 85% of the arrival of developers and 15% of Microsoft.

The revolutionary change included in Microsoft Windows 11 is to include support Android apps۔ You will now be able to install Android apps in a computer from Microsoft Stores.

That is, users do not need to use other heavy-little third party software to run Android apps on computers۔ Support for Android apps in Windows is the result of a partnership with Intel. The main purpose of Intel Bridge technology is to enable Android apps to run on the x86 device. Despite a partnership with Intel according to a statement, the feature will work on AMD and ARM devices۔It may work on other devices soon.

Windows 11 is faster than previous versions۔Windows updates will now be 40% less in size and quickly installed۔ Microsoft claims that laptop battery timing will also improve from Windows 11.

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