How to extend your jewelry life and to protect it

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How to extend your jewelry life and to protect it


Getting new jewelry is always interesting because when you start to wear it, it shines and shines most beautifully. If you want to extend your jewelry life, the most important thing is to protect your necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings from harmful chemicals and unnecessary breakdowns.

It can also affect the claims of any warranty because if you have not taken care of your valuables properly, it can later revoke the claims.


That's not the only reason. Some substances are harmful to jewelry - which is why people don't wear them all the time. Take off your valuables, for example, when you are working at home or working with water or chemicals.

You also want to avoid wearing jewelry when it comes to contact with steam, grease, or oil as they can cause chemical or mechanical damage. So when you are exercising, showering, gardening, or crafting, it is better to put it aside. Also, remove jewelry before going to bed, and store the items individually on the surface of the cloth. The beads are wrapped in cloth or placed separately in cloth bags.

Jewelry is also dangerous for environmental effects. Moisture, for example, can stain gold and silver jewelry and can also affect your valuables of carbon dioxide and sulfur in the air. Physical sweat, perfume, and skin creams can also damage your jewelry.

So when you are getting ready, you must finally apply your beads - when you have made makeup - because pearls are extremely sensitive to spray and perfume. Some gems may also be sensitive if they appear in the sun and light. Meanwhile, if they are stored in very dry conditions, they can break.

Most expert shops are happy to provide more guidance and specific advice on maintenance if you are not sure how to handle a particular item better.

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