Japanese company's Lander UAE rocket with rover

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Japanese company's Lander UAE rocket with rover

Tokyo Space Mission

A Tokyo company on Sunday to move towards the moon with its private landler, flown from the UAE's first lunar rover and a toy-like robot from Japan to the top of the space x rocket that wanders around in gray dust. Designed for. It will take about five months to reach the moon and its experiences.

The company space designed its crafts to use the least fuel, save money and leave more space for cargo. So it is taking a slow, low-energy route toward the moon, flying 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers) away from Earth and before the end of April, before connecting with the moon.

On the contrary, NASA's Orion Crew capsule took five days to reach the moon last month with a test dummy. The lunar flyby mission will end with the Pacific Splash Down on Sunday.

The Space Lander will be aimed at Atlas Crete in the northeastern part of the moon, which will be more than 50 miles (87 km) and more than 1 mile (2 km) in depth. With four legs growing, the land is more than 7 feet (2.3 meters).

The United Arab Emirates also wants to find the moon, along with a science satellite around Mars. Its rover, named after Rashid Dubai's royal family, weighs only 22 pounds (10kg) and will work on the surface for about 10 days like all the missions.

In addition, the Lander is carrying an orange-sized planet from the Japanese space agency, which will turn into a wheels robot on the moon. Also flying: a Japanese spark plug company's solid condition battery; The company's flight computer with artificial intelligence to identify geological features seen by Ottawa, Ontario, United Arab Emirates; And 360 degrees camera of the Toronto Area Company.

Riding on the rocket is a small NASA laser experience that will go to the moon itself to hunt the snow on the pole lunar.

The space mission is called Japanese, Hakuto for the white rabbit. Asian folklore says that a white rabbit lives on the moon. The second landing on the moon by a private company is planned for 2024 and the third in 2025.

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