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Samsung Galaxy News Model Z Fold 4

A smart, more smooth folding phone is important for production capacity

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
There is no sign of a reduction in a foldable phone arms race, including big names like Huawei, Motorola, and Oppo - but Samsung is on the front lines. All this is on dual screens, on the inside, folding Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is now leading the charge.

This fourth-generation flagship gets the latest Snapdragon Silicone, Galaxy S22 triple-lens camera, and more smooth shape - with a price that confirms its premium status.

It may seem like minor benefits, but the biggest changes are on the software front. It seems that a productive push eventually takes full advantage of this large internal screen - and this may be a move that completely cements foldable in a wider smartphone scenario.

Yes, it looks like the outgoing Galaxy Z Fold 3, but this new handset is not so long and has always been a bit wide. This means that the outer display is not almost so thin this time, with a proportion of 23.1: 9, with thin bells and more generous, which is more manageable by one hand. At 263g, Samsung has also been able to lose a little weight in the process. It is still heavier than a traditional phone, but it is a common trade in the foldable world.

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