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United States are under severe cold and cold storms

Jeff Roberson/AP

Kamil Krazaczynski/AFP

Some areas in the United States are under severe cold and cold storms these days, where millions of Christmas holidays are caught caused by the cancellation of flights and the closure of important highways.

Heavy snowfall and strong winds have affected the holiday plans during these busy times of the year as a huge cold storm coming from the Arctic have frozen the central parts of the country.

Millions of people are trapped in homes due to cold storm warnings because meteorologists say that in some places it is so cold that anyone who leaves may suffer from frost bytes in a few minutes.

US President Joe Biden told reporters in this regard, "This is not the same as your childhood snow. This is a serious problem. '

According to the American Automobile Association, the blonde white and road conditions were already spreading, while 10 million people were expected to travel by road.

The I90 Highway connecting the North has been closed until Friday in South Dakota.

The South Dakota Department of Transport said the staff is trying to clean the highways and restore travel to all available resources from across the state.

The statement added: "Many highways are currently listed as 'non-travel' roads where travel on the road is practically impossible due to widespread snowfall and flow."

The Penington County Sheriff's office tweeted that close to 100 motorcycles were trapped near the state's Rapid City.

The Sheriff's Office further wrote: 'No travel can be advised.'

More than 22,000 flights were delayed on Thursday, out of which 5,000 flights were completely canceled on Thursday, according to the aircraft's transportation website Flight

According to Eco Wider's forecast, the storm may be more severe.

The US National Weather Service has also warned that the snowstorm can engulf the central plains from the Central Atlantic and the northeast.

The weather forecast in Montana said the coldest night was expected due to Arctic Snap on Thursday, in which the temperature would drop to minus 40 Fahrenheit, which could hold the bones.

According to NASA data, the temperature is just higher than Mars's temperature.