Hondoras left Taiwan and signed declaration in Beijing

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Hondoras left Taiwan and signed declaration in Beijing

Hondoras, Taiwan, China, declaration, Beijing

Honduras on Sunday established diplomatic ties with China after cutting ties with Taiwan, which has become increasingly isolated and is now recognized by only 13 sovereign states, including Vatican City.

The foreign ministers of China and Honduras signed a joint declaration in Beijing - a decision the Chinese Foreign Ministry called "the right choice".

China's diplomatic victory comes as tensions rise between Beijing and the United States, including signs of growing Chinese aggression toward independent Taiwan and growing Chinese influence in Latin America. The announcement of new Sino-Hundrans ties comes after the Honduran and Taiwanese governments announced separately that they were severing ties.

China and Taiwan have been locked in a diplomatic identity war since their separation during a civil war in 1949, with Beijing recognizing its "one China" policy.

China claims that Taiwan is part of its territory, to be brought under its control by force if necessary, and denies most contacts with countries that maintain formal relations with the island's democracy. It threatens retaliation against countries for simply expanding ties. Read More: Police filed charges of terrorism against former Prime Minister Imran Khan

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