Japanese Technology Toshiba has received a tender offer

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Japanese Technology Toshiba has received a tender offer

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Japanese electronics and technology manufacturer Toshiba has accepted a 2 trillion yen ($15 billion) tender offer from Japan Industrial Partners, a buyout fund made up of major banks and companies.

If the proposal goes through, it would be a major step in Toshiba's years-long turnaround effort, allowing it to go private and delist from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. But active overseas investors own a significant portion of Toshiba's shares.

Tokyo-based Toshiba Corp. announced its board accepted the bid at 4,620 yen ($36) per share, after trading closed in Tokyo late Thursday. Toshiba closed at 4,213 yen ($32) per share on Thursday and rose 4.2% to 4,390 yen ($34) on Friday.

The move comes at a time when the market is reeling over the effects of the recent collapse of banks in the US.

The purchase will combine Toshiba's Japanese business with Japanese partners.

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