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NATO has officially banned TikTok on their NATO-supplied devices

TikTok is moving its data to the US, which will be stored on 
US soil by US company Oracle

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NATO has officially banned its personnel from downloading the social media app TikTok on their NATO-supplied devices.

Cyber ​​security is a top priority for NATO. NATO has strict requirements for determining applications for official business use. TikTok is not accessible on NATO devices

The Chinese government may have access to TikTok users' data through its Chinese parent company, ByteDance. The US, UK, Norway, European Parliament, and other countries have already banned the app from government-issued devices.


TikTok's Basic Approach to make it, physically impossible to get US consumer data


TikTok CEO Shu Chiu stressed to US lawmakers earlier this month that the company is completely independent of Beijing, saying he has “not seen any evidence that the Chinese government has access to this data; They never asked us, we never provided.

He added that TikTok is moving its data to the US, which will be stored on US soil by US company Oracle.