How to remove online status from WhatsApp

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How to remove online status from WhatsApp

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By Wagner Edwards, edited by Bruno Ignacio de Lima

The application allows the user to change the display settings on the cell phone within seconds.

WhatsApp has become an important means of communication over the Internet, used for both personal and professional purposes. The application also provides some data that dives deeper into the conversation, such as the ability to check whether the recipient has received messages or is still online. However, this last detail can be a problem for some people and hence, we have put together a tutorial on how to remove the "online" status from your WhatsApp profile.

Learn how to remove WhatsApp online

Time required:  2 minutes.

It is worth noting that this setting prevents other users from knowing when you are using the messaging application. This also extends to the web version of WhatsApp, if you have enabled it and use it in your computer's browser.

  1. open the app

    Search your desktop or list of apps for WhatsApp and click on the icon to open it;1 - how to remove whatsapp online

  2. Activate the actions menu

    On the app's home page, click on the "three dots" on the top right to display the menu actions;2 - how to remove whatsapp online

  3. Select the correct option

    Among the available actions, select the button titled “Settings”;3 - how to remove whatsapp online

  4. Choose the specified tab

    A series of tabs should then open. Look for and click on the “Privacy” button;4 - how to remove whatsapp online

  5. Access the view settings

    Click on the first button, called “Last seen and online” to be directed to the view settings;5 - how to remove whatsapp online

  6. Change the desired settings

    Finally, select the last buttons on each of the tabs to remove your profile's online status.6 - how to remove the online on whatsapp (2)



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