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OpenAI Launches Official ChatGPT App For iOS Users

OpenAI Launches Official ChatGPT App For iOS Users

The introduction of chatGPT has caused a global sensation, and now it's expanding its reach to mobile devices. OpenAI recently launched an official iOS app, allowing users to conveniently access their popular AI chatbot on the go.

The new chatGPT mobile app provides a host of features and benefits to enhance the user experience. It is completely free to use and devoid of any advertisements. Additionally, it incorporates voice input functionality, enabling users to interact with the chatbot using their voices. Initially, the app's availability is limited to users in the United States, with plans for expansion in the future.

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The chatGPT app offers a range of advanced capabilities. Users can engage with the AI chatbot to ask questions and obtain information without resorting to traditional web searches. The app empowers users by providing advice, inspiration, learning resources, research assistance, writing support, and much more. This release is particularly noteworthy considering previous limitations users faced with Apple's voice assistant, Siri, and Apple's progress in AI development. It allows more users to experience chatGPT as their primary mobile assistant.

The launch of the chatGPT app is also likely to have implications for Google, as the search engine currently benefits from being the default option in Safari on Apple's iPhone. The app will seamlessly synchronize browsing history across devices through its web interface, making it easily accessible to users. Moreover, the app integrates Whisper, an open-source speech recognition system, to facilitate voice input.

Furthermore, users with chatGPT accounts can take advantage of the app to access the capabilities of GPT-4. Upgraded features are available for a monthly fee of approximately $20, enabling users to access chatGPT even during peak times.

OpenAI plans to initially roll out the modified app in the United States, with expansion to other countries in the coming weeks. Additionally, an Android version is currently in development and will be announced as "coming soon."

Since the launch of chatGPT, major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have been exploring ways to incorporate the app into their platforms. Google and Microsoft are also integrating AI capabilities into their search engines. However, chatGPT's direct availability on mobile devices, bypassing search engines and browsers has the potential to revolutionize how people search for and interact with information using their smartphones.

The absence of advertisements in the OpenAI mobile app adds to its appeal, distinguishing it from AI integrations in search apps. OpenAI emphasizes in their blog that users can receive immediate responses "without sifting through ads or multiple results," subtly taking a jab at search engines relying on AI for chat functions.

Notably, the app store description of chatGPT highlights its ad-free nature, making it more user-friendly and facilitating seamless history synchronization and access to the latest models from OpenAI.

Interestingly, the app's release closely follows Google's announcement that Bard's chatbot is now available in English and no longer on the waitlist.

The demand for chatGPT and AI on iPhones has been observed to be particularly high. Research from app store intelligence provider reveals that the top 10 mobile AI apps have generated over $14 million in consumer spending and witnessed an approximately 11% increase in daily consumer spending compared to February.


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