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Iranian Supreme Leader Condemns Sweden's Inaction over Quran Burning

Iranian Supreme Leader Condemns Sweden's Inaction over Quran Burning

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has criticized Sweden's handling of the recent incident of burning the Holy Quran, saying that those who desecrate the Quran should face severe punishment. This was followed by protests in Iran and Iraq following Sweden's decision to allow the burning of the Holy Quran under the principle of freedom of expression.

Protesters in Iraq set fire to the Swedish embassy in Baghdad, while protesters in Sweden partially destroyed a book of the Quran outside the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm. Iran's state media reported that Khamenei called on Sweden to extradite the accused to face trial in Islamic countries.

Swedish authorities condemned the actions but maintained they could not stop them, citing their commitment to freedom of expression. However, Khamenei accused Sweden of supporting those responsible for burning the Koran and warned that this stance puts them at odds with the entire Muslim world, creating feelings of hatred and hostility towards Sweden among Muslim nations. 

Iran reacted to the incident by delaying the appointment of a new ambassador to Sweden and rejecting Sweden's new ambassador. The situation remains tense as both countries grapple with the aftermath of the burning of the Koran and its repercussions on diplomatic relations. 

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