Israeli Missile Strikes Target Syria's Homs

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Israeli Missile Strikes Target Syria's Homs

Israeli Missile Strikes Target Syria's Homs

According to a report from state media, Israel has conducted air raids on Syria, with the main targets being areas close to the government-held city of Homs

However, Syrian air defenses managed to intercept the majority of the missiles, as stated by the SANA news agency, citing an army statement issued on Sunday. The missiles reportedly flew over parts of Beirut, Lebanon's capital, before striking locations near Homs. The attacks resulted in only minor material damage, as confirmed by SANA.

Israeli Missile Strikes Target Syria's Homs

In response, a spokesperson for the Israeli military announced that their fighter jets had launched an attack on a Syrian air defense battery, which had previously launched an anti-aircraft missile toward Israel. The spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, further noted that the Israeli jets also targeted other locations in the area.

Earlier on Saturday, Adraee took to Twitter to report that the anti-aircraft missile launched from Syrian territory towards Israel had detonated in mid-air, failing to reach its intended target.

Please note that news is subject to change as new information becomes available.

According to reports, Israel has recently heightened its airstrikes on Syrian airports and air bases with the aim of disrupting Iran's increased utilization of aerial supply routes to transport weapons to its allies in Syria and Lebanon, including Hezbollah. The Israeli military experts state that these attacks are part of an ongoing escalation in a long-standing, low-intensity conflict, which seeks to impede Iran's expanding presence in Syria.

Since its involvement in the Syrian civil war that commenced in 2011, Iran's influence in the region has grown significantly. Iranian-backed fighters, including Hezbollah, now wield considerable control over areas in eastern, southern, and northwestern Syria, as well as several suburbs surrounding the capital.

Despite the intensifying conflict, there have been no reported casualties thus far. Israeli airstrikes are seen as a strategic measure aimed at slowing down Iran's deepening entrenchment in Syria, which poses a considerable concern to Israeli national security.

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