Iran took a big step towards nuclear self-sufficiency with domestic cesium 137

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Iran took a big step towards nuclear self-sufficiency with domestic cesium 137


Iran took a big step towards nuclear self-sufficiency with domestic cesium 137

The Islamic Republic has spent decades pursuing peaceful nuclear energy to ensure its long-term energy independence۔ The United States and its allies have imposed sanctions on its nuclear program against the country, claiming that Tehran wants to secretly build a nuclear bomb۔ Iran says weapons of mass destruction are against Islam tenants.

Iran's nuclear energy organization (AEOI) reported a significant national breakthrough in the country's nuclear energy program on Sunday، Cesium 137 was unveiled, which is the radionuclide used in various medical and industrial applications, first developed by Iranian nuclear scientists.

Addressing an exhibition in Tehran where the Iranian-made Cesium-137 was unveiled، Mohammad Aslami, head of the AEOI, stressed that the progress is a sign of progress in Iran's nuclear industry, despite Western pressure.

Iran's Cesium 137 breakthrough would be useful for applications from industrial equipment systems to oil and gas sectors۔ He added that Iranian scientists have spent six months developing technology to make isotopes.

Cesium-137 is rare, and it is not cheap, for example، Small Empoles with less than 75 kBq ( or about 2 microcuries) are going for about 1,000۔ The half-life of cesium-137 isotopes lasts for 30 years, six times that Cobalt-60 - another popular isotope used for industrial radiography and medical applications۔

Iranian nuclear program

Iran dramatically expanded its uranium enrichment and storage activities, which began in 2019 Just one year after the unilateral withdrawal of the 2018 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Nuclear Agreement۔ The JCPOA imposed strict restrictions on the country's peaceful nuclear program in exchange for lifting US and European sanctions.

The Biden administration resumed indirect negotiations with Iran on the re-activation of the nuclear agreement in 2021, but US efforts to impose additional conditions in the agreement، The talks stalled between Washington's refusal to take the post of terrorism against Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fighting terrorism.

Iran's nuclear activities have prompted the United States' highest ally Israel in the Middle East to claim that Tehran is gathering materials to build nuclear bombs. The claim has been repeated by Tel Aviv for more than a decade۔ Israel has threatened to bomb the country's nuclear facilities independently or in conjunction with the US military, with the completion of claims about Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions.

The Islamic Republic denies any ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction, referring to fatwas or religious commands, released by its Supreme Leaders, and thinks that such weapons are against Islam۔ Iran fulfilled its words about the WMD in the mid-1990s، When it destroyed its stockpile of chemical weapons and joined the Convention on Chemical Weapons۔ Despite repeated Iraqi attacks on Iranian troops and cities, the country had a legal right to do so under international law, the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988 Never used your chemical weapons during.

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