Microsoft is using malware-like pop-ups in Windows 11 to get people to ditch Google

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Microsoft is using malware-like pop-ups in Windows 11 to get people to ditch Google

Microsoft’s latest desperate attempts to get people to use Bing are a disgusting overreach.

Microsoft is using malware-like pop-ups in Windows 11 to get people to ditch Google

Microsoft is using malware-style pop-ups in Windows 11 to encourage users to switch from Google Search to Microsoft Bing. Users have reported unexpected pop-ups during the promotion of Bing, using other applications۔ The notification does not appear in the traditional Windows 11 notification center, but appears as a rogue executable file within the PC system. Caitlin Rollston, Microsoft's director of communications, said the company was investigating the incidents.

This is not the first time Microsoft has used such tactics to promote Bing and Edge to Chrome users۔ It has already used different indicators after Windows updates and forced users to Edge.

Microsoft's strategy also extends to search results in Bing, where it offers a Bing page from AI and Google search results for Chrome users who Have started overriding.

Microsoft's test methods are selected to target a few Windows users before the company changes its strategy after public protests۔
Microsoft has sought to justify these tactics as the owner of an operating system so that users can be kept away from Google's Chrome۔
However, critics say Microsoft's aggressive marketing exceeds the limits and disrupts the user's experience۔
Microsoft's unbridled promos have created frustration among Windows 11 users who say that software is not freeware, but a licensed product، And such advertising distractions are undesirable۔ Users pay for this operating system either by laptop price ( Windows with OEM license via ) or product for self-made PC۔ Because Windows is a necessary tool for many people, it should not be affected by intrusive ads۔ Taking questions about Microsoft's future marketing strategies, these pop-up tactics have been going on in various forms for many years۔

Bang Push: Microsoft's Aggressive Marketing Strategy

Microsoft's pressure for Bing and Edge features aggressive and intrusive tactics, such as pop-up notifications and override search results۔ The strategy, which aims to encourage consumers to switch from Google products, has sparked frustration and condemnation، Because they disrupt the user's experience and cross acceptable marketing limits۔ While the company has the right to promote its products, the question is, are such tactics the best way to do so؟ The response from Windows 11 users indicates the need for more respect and less aggressive marketing strategies۔

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