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IDF Carries Out 'Large-Scale Strike' on Hamas' Facilities in Gaza

On October 7, the Palestinian organization Hamas initiated a surprise large-scale rocket assault on Israel from the Gaza Strip. In response, Israel declared a state of war the following day and launched retaliatory strikes.

On Monday, Israel enforced a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip, which is inhabited by over 2 million people, leading to a halt in the supply of essential resources such as water, food, and fuel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nation, confirming the country's state of war and announcing mobilization efforts.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, on Wednesday, urged the conflicting parties to prioritize diplomacy over military action, advocating for a peaceful resolution and a return to the negotiation table.

The casualties resulting from the Hamas attack in Israel have surpassed 1,000. Concurrently, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported a toll of 1,200 casualties due to Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip.

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