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Biden Labels Xi Jinping a Dictator Despite Progress in US-China Talks

Chinese Officials Strongly Condemn Biden's Remark as "Extremely Erroneous"

Biden Labels Xi Jinping a Dictator Despite Progress in US-China Talks

In a press conference on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden asserted his belief that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a dictator, despite the recent progress in their diplomatic relationship during a meeting outside San Francisco. While acknowledging their differing governance systems, Biden emphasized the positive strides made in the discussions.

Biden's comment drew a swift and strong response from a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson during Thursday's briefing. The spokesperson labeled Biden's statement as "extremely erroneous" and criticized it as an "irresponsible political maneuver," firmly opposing such characterization.

When questioned about China's reaction, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby sidestepped the issue and highlighted the positive aspects of the discussions, stating that the president felt very good about the content of the talks.

This is not the first time Biden has referred to Xi as a dictator. In June, he made a similar comment during an off-camera campaign reception in California, linking it to an incident where the US shot down a Chinese spy balloon. Beijing reacted angrily then, stating that Biden's remarks seriously violated diplomatic etiquette and infringed on China's political dignity.

Despite the potential strain caused by Biden's recent remark, the president described the meeting as "some of the most constructive and productive discussions we've had." The positive energy from the talks may be at risk due to the renewed focus on the "dictator" label.

Biden, who had developed a close relationship with Xi during their time as vice presidents, maintains a warm personal connection with him. During the recent talks, Biden even wished Xi's wife a happy birthday, according to a senior US official.

In response to Biden's comment, Xi called on the United States to avoid attempting to suppress or contain China. He emphasized the importance of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, communication, and conflict prevention. The leaders underscored these principles during the extensive meeting, as reported by China's state news agency Xinhua.

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