How long will it take to develop the perfect artificial heart?

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How long will it take to develop the perfect artificial heart?

How long will it take to develop the perfect artificial heart?

The heart is actually a simple organ. A pump, four chambers consisting of a few valves, tubes, and the most elaborate wiring. But when this pump does not work as it should, human health becomes seriously endangered. If the pump becomes weak, it cannot move blood efficiently throughout the body.

Affected individuals have great difficulty breathing, even at rest they cannot breathe properly. Their organs are not supplied with enough blood, which deprives them of oxygen and nutrients. The only way out of this situation is to have a new heart. However, there is a severe shortage of heart donors and this is why there is a dire need for alternatives in the market.

First experience with artificial heart implantation

Cardiologists and heart surgeons have been trying to develop artificial hearts for the past 60 years. There are several systems available to support or improve the hearts of patients with less severe heart disease, but there are still no solutions for patients with more severe heart disease.

In 1982, the first artificial heart was implanted in the United States. However, this heart met only a few basic needs and was not able to meet other specific needs of the patient. Nevertheless, this heart transplant was appreciated.

The mastermind behind this artificial heart was French heart surgeon Alain Carpante, who had previously made a name for himself by developing heart valves. They introduced biomaterials such as pig cartilage to replace the old and synthetic material of the diseased heart.

In recent years, 50 artificial hearts have been implanted

Alan Carpante expanded biological content to the heart. They also took many other aspects into account while preparing the heart using the latest sensors. This resulted in the development of an artificial heart that could adapt to the user's physical activity.

The first recipient of the so-called 'carmit heart' was a 76-year-old man with a severe heart condition. With this new pump, he lived 74 more days.

Many other adjustments have been made to artificial heart surface materials, software and pumps in recent years, says Stephen Pyatt, head of artificial heart maker Cormet. About 50 patients have been implanted with such artificial hearts. Currently, 15 people are suffering from cardiac arrest while the remaining patients have died.

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