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Report Confirms Apple Lags Behind Google and Samsung in Supporting Older iPhones

Report Confirms Apple Lags Behind Google and Samsung in Supporting Older iPhones

A new report reveals that Apple isn't as transparent as Google and Samsung when it comes to sharing information about security updates and patches for their devices. Recently, due to UK regulations, Apple had to disclose specific details about its updates, leading to some surprising findings.

According to the UK's Product Security and Telecommunication Infrastructure regulation, which came into effect on April 29, 2024, internet-enabled devices must provide a statement of compliance regarding their support period. In response, Apple submitted its compliance statement for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, revealing some unexpected information.

The support period refers to the duration during which the company will provide security updates. For iPhones, this period is listed as a minimum of five years from the date of sale. For the iPhone 15 lineup, which went on sale on September 22, 2023, this means guaranteed security updates until September 22, 2028. However, both Google and Samsung offer longer software support periods.

Google has committed to supporting its Pixel 8 series for seven years, setting a new standard. Previously, Google provided security updates for only three years, but with the Pixel 6, it extended support to five years.

Samsung also promises seven years of support with its Galaxy S24 variants this year, although it's unclear if this will apply to other devices as well. Other Android companies haven't matched this level of support, with OnePlus even expressing doubts about committing to such extensive support.

In Apple's defense, the company has quietly provided around five years of security patches and upgrades for iPhones over the years. While Google and Samsung currently lead in software support, some iPhone models have received support for six years or more after launch. So, there's still a chance for other companies to catch up. iPhone users are hopeful that Apple won't stop support after the minimum five-year period.

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